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For the Elephants : A fresh approach...
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For the Elephants : A fresh approach...

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 What's New:

The Nepal Elephant Tuberculosis Control and Management Action Plan
available as PDF

New Parasite Images
Courtesy of and Copyright by
Dr. Partha S.Banerjee

CUPA and ANCF Offer Free Downloads of Elephant Welfare Publications

Elephant Tuberculosis References (by date)

An Open Letter on Elephant Tuberculosis
(TB) Issues

To veterinarians, elephant managers, zoo directors,
elephant range country professionals

Current and Future Technologies to Manage TB in Elephants
-a PDF presentation by S. Mikota as invited speaker at University of Georgia, College of Veterinary Medicine, January 2011

ECI awarded $43,123 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Asian Elephant Conservation Fund grant

Nepal Project Update
Details here

 ECI and Michigan State University awarded a $4,750 Mazuri Fund Grant

SPCAI donates drugs for Nepal elephants, street dogs, and zoo animals.

 ECI establishes an annual $1,000 grant for post-graduate elephant research to the
Madras Veterinary School, Department of Wildlife Science, Chennai, India

ECI donates Chembio Elephant TB STAT-PAKs® to Sri Lankan Researcher

ECI donates Chembio Elephant TB STAT-PAKs® to Tanzanian Researcher

Rabies Camp in Nepal

Tuberculosis in Elephants - Frequently Asked Questions

ECI Elephant TB Initiative
 PDF Brochure

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