Elephant Care International

Special Appeal!

Elephant orphans Gold (left) and Jun need a surrogate mother. 

Please help these orphans in Vietnam survive.  Visit our auction to donate or make a purchase on their behalf through our Vietnam Elephant Initiative partnership. 

Current Projects


Elephant Care International has been working in Nepal since 2006 to improve elephant healthcare, train veterinarians, and survey for tuberculosis (TB). Meet our vets and some of the elephants we know.   Learn more…


Vietnam is developing an Elephant Conservation Center. Elephant Care International is providing advice, technical support, and helping with two orphan elephants Jun and Gold. Meet Jun and Gold and read more.  Learn more…


Myanmar has 5000 elephants in captivity. Elephant Care International is helping to train elephant veterinarians, provide technical support, and develop welfare guidelines for Myanmar’s emerging elephant tourism industry.   Learn more…  

Sri Lanka

Elephant Care International is partnering with the Sri Lankan Wildlife Conservation Society to conduct a new EleVets program to deliver field-based training for veterinarians, immediate care for elephants, and collaborate with owners and mahouts to improve elephant welfare.  Learn more…

Professional Resources

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