The projects of Elephant Care International are made possible by the support of our donors.
A very special thanks to the Alexander Abraham Foundation for past support and organizational funding for our 
expanded missions.
Most Recent Support 


$43,123 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Asian Elephant Conservation Fund grant for Implementation of the 
             Nepal Elephant TB Control Plan as a Model for Asian Elephant Range Countries 
$4,570 Mazuri Fund / American Association of Zoo Veterinarians - Vitamin D / TB study
$6,000 Columbus Zoo: Emergency grant to treat 3 elephants in Nepal for TB
$6,000 Twycross Zoo Conservation Welfare Fund (Nepal Elephant Healthcare and TB Surveillance Program)
$5,430 Columbus Zoo: Book Donation to Enhance Elephant Healthcare 
           (125 copies of Biology, Medicine, and Surgery of Elephants will be distributed free of charge to veterinarians
            in Asia who work with elephants.)
$10,000 Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund (Elephant Tuberculosis Initiative - India Project)
$4,500 Mazuri Fund / American Association of Zoo Veterinarians (Nepal TB Project)	
Foundations / Organizations

$750 Ocean Park Conservation Foundation (Hong Kong) - (support for our ECI Elephant TB Initiative)
$5,000 Humane Society International (Nepal TB Project - emergency funds to treat one elephant for TB)
$2,500 Disney's Animal Programs and Environmental Initiatives (supporting this open-access website)
$1,000 The Sheryl Lee Osborne Foundation
$30,000 Alexander Abraham Foundation
$15,000 Alexander Abraham Foundation
$15,000 Alexander Abraham Foundation
$17,000 value (Elephant articles) - Disney's Animal Kingdom
$10,000 Dr. Walter J. Ernst, Jr. Veterinary Memorial Foundation
$2,000 American Veterinary Medical Association
$1,250 Disney's Animal Kingdom (support for 2006 Elephant TB meeting)
$1,000 Avrum Katz Foundation
Zoos (and related organizations)

see Columbus Zoo, Twycross Zoo, and Mazuri (AAZV) under Grants above
$800    Kornilovs Show Moscow
$1,500 AAZK (American Association of Zookeepers, Buttonwood Park Zoo (New Bedford, MA)
$4,000 Oklahoma City Zoo (addtl. support for our ECI Elephant TB Initiative)
$2,000 Dallas Zoo (support for our ECI Elephant TB Initiative)
$4,000 Oklahoma City Zoo (support for our ECI Elephant TB Initiative)
$750 Phoenix Zoo - (support for our ECI Elephant TB Initiative)
$2,000 AAZK (American Association of Zoo Keepers) Chapter of Buttonwood Park Zoo (New Bedford, MA)
       (support for our ECI Elephant TB Initiative), Funds raised through their first annual "Elephant Tracks" fundraiser - 
       see - one elementary student, Cynthia McAllister, raised over $800!))
$3,000 Hogle Zoo (Alternatives to Culling Project)
$1,500 Tulsa Zoo Conservation Program
  $200  Potter Park Zoo           
$1,500 AAZK (American Association of Zookeepers, Buttonwood Park Zoo (New Bedford, MA)
Annual Patrons (donations of $1,000 or more)

Nancy Abraham $2,500
Nancy Abraham $2,500
Nancy Abraham $2,000
Victoria Siegel
Ian Postnikoff (monthly donor for 3 years now donating $100 per month!) 
Nancy Abraham $2,500:  Book Donation to Enhance Elephant Healthcare 
           (125 copies of Biology, Medicine, and Surgery of Elephants will be distributed free of charge to veterinarians
            in Asia who work with elephants.)
Dennis Bowles
Adelaide O'Keefe
Jody Stickney
Conservation Partners (donations of $500 or more)
Ara Ashburne (for a TrueVision 3 megapixel High Res digital USB microscope camera which will allow us to take images 
    through the microscope for our Elephant Medical Image Library now under development)
Ann Bissell
Rita McManahan $500
Maria Crane $500
Special Services and Equipment Donations

Murray Fowler DVM - Diagrams of parasite life cycles
Dr. Jacob Alexander and Dr. E.K.Easwaran - Images of Parasites
Claudia Brownlie - Microscope for our Nepal Elephant Healthcare and TB Surveillance Program
Have Trunk Will Travel - Video on administering TB drugs to elephant with a bite block
Jonelle Furmark - a PowerBook G4 computer!
David Milner - Great computer and website reviews and advice!
Blair Csuti - Elephant books
Trudy Abad - many elephant books! Plus editing and data work!
Raquel Green - Graphic support 
Philippe Coste - Images, elephants in Laos 
Craig Anderson - Graphic support, 
Diane Plogger - Editing 
Grace Mitchell - Editing
Nilanjan Das - Image use
Piers Locke - Images, Nepal see also - Servants of Ganesh, a documentary based
      in Nepal and detailing the life of an elephant handler
Scotch Macaskill - image use (African elephants in the top left of our heading)
Donations of $100 or more

Trevor Meyer $300
Kenny and Lanette Durham $300
Dawn Bergman $100
Erik Hanson $100
Rita McManahan $100
Susan Jenkins $100
Stephanie Rogers $100
Ashlyn Bagwell in memory of Mrs. Jean Livingston ($100) 
Shelby Lynn Coleman ($100) 
Angela Dalmolin ($125)
Karyn Grenfell and yoga students of Blue Lotus Ashtanga - what a great group! ($200)
Ian Postnikoff (monthly donor - unrestricted funds) $320 and counting!
Andrew Major $100
E-Members (donations of $50 or more)

Lola Douglass and Georgia Katsogianopoulos $85 - 4th grade students!
Tracy Tillinghast $50
Cheramie Johnson $50
Carma Biebighauser $50
Beverly Coker $50
Gatto Publishing
Stanton Stevens
Adriana Mackay-Payne
Maeve Dare
Tyler Endicott
Rosanne Sietins
Carla Perry
Stacy Parsons
George Forrest
Oh Chyefang (Singapore) 
Jonelle Furmark (TB Initiative)
Jonelle Furmark (Alternatives to Culling Project)
A-members (donations of $20 or more)
Helen Dunn
Carlene Coury
Stacey Loew
Tanya Goyette
Nicole Soek 
Arielle Hames 
Sam Lay
Carolina Abuelo
Karen Katsbulas
Karen Morss
Sandra Ramani
Nathan Basken
Carrie McIntyre
Betty Gatano
Carma Biebighauser
If we have overlooked someone please advise us by e-mail.
Past Supporters
Guggenheim Fellowship
AZA Conservation Endowment Fund
Chevron Environmental Fund
Foundations / Organizations
Alexander Abraham Foundation
Lucinda Jackson (Chevron Environmental Fund)
International Elephant Foundation
Fauna and Flora International
Riddle's Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary
WWF - Indonesia
Oregon Zoo / Oregon Zoo Foundation
Elephant Managers Association (EMA) U.S.

(Pharmacia Upjohn - Malaysia)
Upjohn  (United States)
Pharmacia Upjohn (Malaysia)
Henry Schein Veterinary Supply (United States)
Northwest Zoo Path
Oregon Zoo
Niabi Zoo (click to read their story) (Coal Valley, IL) 
Taman Safari Indonesia
Colombus Zoo
Point Defiance Zoo
Toronto Zoo
Melbourne Zoo
San Antonio Zoo
Disney Animal Kingdom
Tulsa Zoo
San Antonio Zoo
Bowman Zoological Park
Denver Zoo (AAZK Chapter)
Milwaukee Zoo (AAZK Chapter)
Audubon Nature Institute (Youth Volunteers)

Steve Osofsky (WWF-US)
Nazir Foead (WWF-Indonesia)
Barbara Vincent VT (New Orleans Louisiana )
Adi Susmianto (Director of Biodiversity - Indonesia)
Pak Djati Witjaksono
Pak Nukman 
Purwo Susanto WWF-Indonesia
Wahdi Azmi (FFI)
Drh Yudha Fahrimal (Syiah Kuala University)
Bambang Suprayogi (FFI)
Drh Irwandi Yusuf (Syiah Kuala University)
Dr. Albert Krueger (Caltex)
Michael Stuewe (consultant WWF-US)
Tony Vecchio (Oregon Zoo)
Tony  Sumampau (Taman Safari Indonesia)
Chuah Cheong Wah (Pharmacia Upjohn - Malaysia)
Dr. Khyne U-Mar (Myanmar)
Theresa Craig
Blair Csuti (Oregon Zoo)
Joanne Reilly
Melanie Dove
Dr. Mark Davis (formerly Caltex)
Dr. Monte Makous (Caltex)
Scott Buell (Caltex)
Katy Buell (Caltex)
Richard Montali DVM (National Zoo)
John Baltz (Caltex)
Steve Turnipseed (Caltex)
Susan Turnipseed (Caltex)
Jacob Cheeran
Jayantha  Jayewardene (Sri Lanka)
Richard Lair (Thailand)
Dr. Preecha (Thailand)
Dennis Schmitt DVM
Heidi Riddle
Scott Riddle
Bets Rasmussen
Tom Chatkupt DVM
Bruce Schulte PhD
Kim Luikart (UC Davis)
Suzie Bartlett (Cornell)
Mike Keele (Oregon Zoo)
Laurie Pond (Melborne Zoo)
Peter Stroud (Melborne Zoo)
Holly Reed DVM (Point Defiance Zoo)
Harry Peachey (Colombus Zoo)
Terry Fiffick, (Congaree Veterinary Pharmacy, 
        South Carolina)
Buster Phillips,  (Congaree Veterinary Pharmacy, 
        South Carolina)
Mike Hackenberger (Bowman Zoological Park)
Jeff and Laura Louttit  (San Francisco California)
June Masek (Eastlake Ohio)
Linda Papallardo
Louise Spottswood (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Thomas E. Gottsegan (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Lew J. Bremenstul Jr. (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Kay Backues (Tulsa Zoo)
Beth D. Bruckman  (Santa Monica, California) 
Lilly Thorpe (Ursuline Academy Science Club, New Orleans, 
Charles Manire DVM (Mote Marine Lab).
Deborah Mook DVM (Louisiana State University 
            Medical School)
Trish London (Veterinary student)
Cynthia Stringfield DVM (Los Angeles Zoo)
Bert Castro (San Antonio Zoo)
Melissa Glasser (Denver Zoo)
Paul Louderback  (Tulsa Zoo)
Carol Eames (Tulsa Zoo)
Lisa Gugliemi (AAZK - Milwaukee Chapter)
Maria Crane DVM (Atlanta Zoo)
Bruce Hammatt
Eileen Hammatt
Dennis Bowles
Cathy Shilton DVM (formerly of Feld. Inc.)
Roberto Aguilar, Audubon Park Zoo
Krista Muller, Buttonwood Park Zoo AAZK Chapter
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