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     USAHA Draft Guidelines for the Control of TB in Elephants
New Draft TB Guidelines by Unites States Animal Health Association


Chembio test to detect TB in elephants licensed by USDA
The Chembio ElephantTB STAT-PAK® Assay has been licensed by the USDA.
However, in a widely disputed move, the USDA has only permitted its use in the U.S. by one facility,
the National Veterinary Services Laboratory (NVSL) in Ames, Iowa. Therefore, the test is currently
commercially available for purchase only outside the US.

Elephant Care International and
Wildlife Information Network
Collaborate to Distribute Elephant Healthcare Information in Asia
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Major update of our Elephant Bibliographic Database:
Now 3406 references!

Tuberculosis in Elephants - Frequently Asked Questions

Comprehensive reference list
on TB in elephants

ECI Elephant TB Initiative
 PDF Brochure

ECI Presentations
(Learn more about TB and what
we are doing for elephants)

aution large files, may load slowly on some connections

TB: Implications for Elephant Management in Asia
Presented at the 2006 meeting
of the American Association
of Zoo Veterinarians

Elephant Care International:
TB Initiative

Presented at the 2007 meeting of Zoos and Aquariums Committed to Conservation


Breaking news...
TB in elephants of Nepal -
News Release


ECI Annual Report 2005

Elephant Care International: What We Do:
a PDF slide show.
Caution 1.4 MB file, may load slowly on some connections

New Protocols
1- Request Forms for EEHV Testing
2- Elephant Research / Tissue Request Protocol
3- Potential Treatments for Reproductive Problems in Elephants
(Janine Brown)

New Elephant Management Statements
Optimal Conditions for Captive Elephants 2005
Best Practices 2005

Compounding Pharmacies
    Buddhism & Elephants...


Think for a minute
A brief presentation on
What you can do to save elephants!

Biology, Medicine, and Surgery of Elephants
By: Murray E. Fowler, Susan K. Mikota

Now available
Full Brochure here.


Risk & Ethics in International Conservation Projects

A presentation delivered at the
Zoos & Aquariums:
Committing to Conservation Conference
January 26th-30th, 2005

Includes links to Internet resources on risk assessment and ethics.

Elephant Herpesvirus Testing Now Available (USA)
(posted August 2004)
Dr. Laura Richman is now able to receive samples to test for EEHV.  Please see the following linked  document for specific instructions on sample submission.  Since the lab is only running part-time, it is important to contact Dr. Richman or her tech, Erin Latimer, before sending samples

Instructions for Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpesvirus (EEHV) Sample Submission

Elephant SSP Pathologist Update (USA)

With Dr. Montali's departure to Australia, Dr. Scott Terrell, a board-certified pathologist, has taken over
the responsibilities of Elephant TAG/SSP Pathologist.  His contact information is: 

        Dr. Scott Terrell
        Disney's Animal Kingdom
P.O. Box 10,000
        Lake Buena Vista, FL  32830-1000
        Phone:  407-938-2746
        FAX:  407-938-1909
        Email:  Scott.Terrell@disney.com

Please send copies of any necropsies to Dr. Terrell, Dr. Michele Miller, and
Dr. Genny Dumonceaux for tabulating (at Genevieve.dumonceaux@anheuser-busch.com).


West Nile Virus Update in Elephants
(follow the link for the latest information on the U.S. situation and need for additional reporting)

ISIS Values now available for Asian Elephants

Weights & Physiological Reference Ranges


The IUCN/SSC AfESG Guidelines for the
in situ Translocation of African
Elephants for Conservation Purposes now available
 The IUCN/SSC AfESG Guidelines for the in situ Translocation of African
Elephants for Conservation Purposes is newly available, in pdf format,
on the AfESG web site. It is published in the following languages: English
(PDF 774 Kb), French (PDF - 834 Kb) and Portuguese (PDF - 824 Kb).

These guidelines provide informed advice to decision-makers in African
range state governments, managers on the ground, non-governmental
organizations, donors and other practitioners wishing to re-introduce or supplement
African elephant populations for the primary purpose of conserving the African
elephant in the long term.

Go to web site:

Compounding Pharmacies

Please scroll down to the bottom of the page linked below:

The following pharmacies will compound drugs specifically for elephants.

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