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Special Note: References are now listed by date of publication with the most recent documents first.  Alphabetical lists can be provided upon request. 


This is a bibliographic database comprised of over 3400 articles on African and Asian elephants,  related primarily to healthcare, science, and husbandry Future updates will incorporate more ecology and conservation information (especially related to the Asian elephant).  An extensive African elephant database (originally conceived by Iain Douglas Hamilton) is available at:  Save the Elephants

Our database was established in 1994 by Dr. Eva Sargent as part of a retrospective medical study of elephants in North America (Medical Management of the Elephant, Mikota S., Sargent, E., and Ranglack, G. Indira Publishing House, V.Prasad@ix.netcom.com).  

The database was created using Reference Manager (http://www.risinc.com/).  We have posted the database as a Word document (~ 400 pages), broken into 36 Categories for faster page-loading.  Articles of interest within a category can be identified by using the “Edit - Find” function in Microsoft Internet Explorer, AOL, or Word.  Click here if you need help.  Listed at the database Comprehensive Keyword List and Cross-reference Index are the “key words” we used to categorize the articles.  You may use these key words or any others as Word will search all the text. 

This database was updated in 1999 by Dr. Tom Chatkupt and in 2002 and 2004 by Susan Mikota.  Susie Bartlett, a volunteer who worked with us in Sumatra, assisted in adding references. Trish London  helped to research references.  Valuable assistance was provided by Sue Loubiere, former Director, School of Veterinary Medicine Library, LSU. The 2007 update was facilitated by volunteer work by Barbara Vincent, Trudy Abad, and Barbara Clarke.

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