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Elephant Formulary

Susan K. Mikota DVM and Donald C. Plumb, Pharm.D.
Published by Elephant Care International www.elephantcare.org



  Drug Monographs Index
Drugs Sorted by Therapeutic Class / Indication

  Ophthalmic Products

  Medication Techniques

  Vital Signs and Physiological Values for Elephants
  Compounding Pharmacies



  Tables of Parenteral Fluids
   Abbreviations Used In Prescription Writing
   Solubility Definitions
   Conversion Tables
   Millequivalents & Molecular Weights
   Conversion of Conventional Chemistry Units to SI Units
   Simple Formula for Diluting Solutions
   Monographs sorted by therapeutic class / indication
   Bibliography for original Plumb work
   References for original Plumb work
   References for Mikota work



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