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“To foster and deliver healthcare for elephants
and promote the harmony and well-being of
humans and elephants
 where they share natural environments.”

Goals / Strategies "Asian elephants in natural habitat,
Sri Lanka"

Goal: Create a sound financial structure for Elephant Care International.
Strategy: Maintain a professional, independent board to oversee planned programs for funding via in-house projects, donations (public and private), foundations, grants, and collaborations with affiliated organizations.

Goal: Support direct healthcare for elephants.
Strategy: Organize professional teams to meet technical healthcare needs in the U.S. and abroad; provide in-situ veterinarians with technical advice, supplies, and equipment; and initiate a small hassle-free grants program ($250 - $1,000) for specific needs.

Goal: Further our global collective knowledge of elephant diseases.
Strategy: Conduct research and field work on diseases of captive and wild elephants.

Goal: Facilitate cooperation, collaboration, and communication among elephant professionals.
Strategy: Continually expand this website (Elephant Bibliographic Database, Elephant Formulary, protocols, manuals, and proceedings…) as the premier resource for elephant healthcare information; solicit and encourage range-country participation; and promote information-sharing.

Goal: Implement community-based solutions for human-elephant conflict.
Strategy: Team with local villagers, government agencies, NGOs, and other entities to protect villagers and develop alternative income sources compatible with preserving elephant habitat.

Goal: Inspire greater awareness of broader conservation issues.
Strategy: Utilize the popularity of the elephant to inspire an awareness of conservation issues (and a call to action).

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