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This is a story that will warm your heart - how one small zoo turns a sad elephant death into a memorial for elephant conservation.  Thank you so much Harry Peachey, Tom Stalf, Niabi Zoo, and Coal Valley, Illinois.  The elephants here in Sumatra really need your help and appreciate your generous support.  

Harry Peachey, an elephant keeper of Columbus Zoo, has been involved in elephant conservation in Sumatra for a number of years.  Harry is active in the International Elephant Foundation and the Elephant Managers Association.   He sent us this e-mail regarding donations for our Sumatran Elephant Healthcare and Conservation Project that he facilitated from the small, but very conscientious Niabi Zoo of Coal Valley, Illinois.



I just spoke to Tom Stalf from Niabi Zoo, and they have another $8,000 for you!!!!

Tom and his staff have come through for this in a big way. They had been selling these small, cement, "garden elephants", which is how the approx. $1100 from them in the fall was raised. Since then, they lost their 37-year-old-plus Asian female, "Kathy Shh-boom", who was a community icon.

After she died, they did a memorial fund-raising drive, sold 400 of these statues in a couple of weeks, and the money is for you.

It will also be an unrestricted donation, so it can be used for the workshop or anything else you'd like.  I'll send you Niabi's postal address later, so you can send them a thank-you etc. from Sumatra.

Take care,

Harry Peachey

We Thank You !!!

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Sumatran Elephant Field Project

Your support of our independent project may be crucial.  We are pursuing our Sumatra Elephant Project independently, as unpaid consultants for WWF Indonesia, and are seeking financial support to purchase veterinary medications and supplies.

Please send your tax-deductible contributions as follows:

 (payable to “Sumatran Elephant Project / Oregon Zoo Foundation”) 

Oregon Zoo
Sumatran Elephant Project
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4001 Canyon Road
Portland Oregon, 97221, USA.

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