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Current Projects

Nepal Elephant Healthcare and TB Surveillance Program - assuring that   Nepal will continue to have the patrol elephants and elephant-based tourism so important for protection of (and revenue for) its endowment of national parks and preserves.
Nepal Elephant Healthcare and TB Surveillance Program Update 2013

Elephant Tuberculosis Initiative - surveillance and follow-up care for elephants and mahouts in Asia; research to improve diagnostics and treatment

Affiliated Projects

Help for Vietnam’s Elephants
Dr. Susan Mikota (ECI) and elephant behaviorist Erin Ivory (North Carolina Zoo) are assisting the Dak Lak Elephant Conservation Center

Elephant Experts: the first large-scale initiative to develop a vocational training system for Asian mahouts on positive reinforcement in elephant training and on health-improving management practices.

Myanmar Timber Elephant Project at the University of Sheffield
Multi-disciplinary research group based at the University of Sheffield studying a large and unique semi-captive population of timber elephants in Myanmar.

Elephant Publications (see also Publications by ECI staff)

Resources for Elephant Professionals - This website with:

Past Projects

India: TB and Healthcare Evaluations - Supporting/advising on comprehensive medical evaluation and disease survey of 800 captive elephants in India by Indian partners
Africa: Alternative to Culling - Testing a new long-acting contraceptive

Sri Lanka: Saving Elephants by Helping People - Establishing alternative crops to provide sustainable livelihoods for villagers in areas of high human-elephant conflict

Sumatran Elephant Healthcare and Conservation - After 3 years of fieldwork, we are still fighting for change to save elephants in peril in Indonesia.

Additional projects -
small grants program, online elephant medical image library, PowerPoint collections on elephant healthcare, etc.


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