Elephant Formulary

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Elephant specific information, if available, is in blue.

Chemistry – Flumethasone occurs as an odorless, white to creamy white, crystalline pow­der. Its chemical name is 6alpha,9alpha-difluoro-16alpha methylprednisolone.


Pharmacokinetics – No information was located for this agent.


Contraindications/Precautions – Flumethasone is contraindicated during the last trimester of pregnancy. Refer to the General Statement on the glucocorticoids for more information.


Doses –


For labeled indications (musculoskeletal conditions due to inflammation, where permanent changes do not exist…, and also for allergic states such as hives, urticaria and insect bites):

a)   1.25 – 2.5 mg daily by IV, IM or intra-articular injection. If necessary, the dose may be repeated. (Package insert; Flucort®—Syntex)

b)   1.0 – 2.5 mg/450 kg IV or IM (Robinson 1987)


Dosage Forms/Preparations/Approval Status/Withdrawal Times


Veterinary-Approved Products: None

Flumethasone Tablets 0.0625 mg; Flucort® Tablets  (Fort Dodge); (Rx)  Approved for use in dogs and cats. Note: may not presently be available.


Flumethasone Injection 0.5 mg/ml in 100 ml vials; Flucort® Solution (Fort Dodge); (Rx)  Approved for use in dogs, cats, and horses.


Human-Approved Products:  None