Elephant Pathology Lecture Series

In May 2019, Elephant Care International organized a Pathology Workshop for Elephant Veterinarians in Myanmar. We conducted the Workshop at the Myanma Timber Enterprise (MTE) staff Training Centre, in Nan Chun, Taungoo, Myanmar. Instructors included Dr. Susan Mikota, Dr. Willem Schaftenaar, Dr. Khyne U Mar, and Dr. Dalen Agnew. Elephant Family, Veterinarians International, and Michigan State University provided funding. We are making this lecture series available for educational purposes. There are 19 presentations in this series:


Introduction to Elephant Pathology Training 
Importance of Pathology for Myanmar Elephants (pending)
The Necropsy Procedure
Site Selection, Preparation, PPE
Antemortem vs Postmortem Changes
Pathology Documentation
Proper Sample Collection
Pathology of Eye Diseases (pending)
Pathology of the GI System (pending)
Pathology of the Circulatory System 
Pathology of Infectious Diseases (pending)
Pathology of the Respiratory System
Pathology of the reproductive System
Pathology of the Brain and Nervous System
Pathology of the Integument
Pathology of Multi-Systemic Disorders
Pathology of Musculo-Skeletal Disorders (pending)
Pathology of the Foot (pending)
Pathology of Endotheliotropic Herpes Virus (pending)
Pathology of Teeth and Tusks 
Pathology of Renal and Urinary Systems